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    The ITG Integrated Test System (ITS) is an all in one vehicle programming and testing solution. ITS is a scalable multi-component system that is able to carry out all vehicle programming, testing and diagnostic functions, reporting the test results back to a central database server via WiFi.
    ITS consists of a rugged hand held tablet PC running the ITS software suite, and a wireless MVTU communication unit connected to the vehicle.
    Vehicle communication on CAN is multi channel, multi ECU, allowing concurrent communication to multiple devices on two separate CAN buses. Vehicle communication on KWP-2000 / ISO9141 is multi channel, allowing concurrent communication to three KWP-2000 / ISO9141 devices. LIN is supported on all 3 K lines. This multi channel / multi protocol / multi ECU communication architecture gives the ITG ITS the fastest cycle time in the industry.
    Fully configurable Integrated Test System Software
    SQL Database server with full results recording
    Full Chinese language support
    7" Touch Screen (glove compatible)
    Integrated barcode scanner
    Hot swappable 12 Hour battery
    Rugged design (MIL-STD 810G Compliant) survives multipte drops from 1.8m
    WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n
    2 CAN Channels (HS/MS/LS/SW/FT)
    3 KWP-2000/ISO9141/LIN Channels
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