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      ITG Headlight Aiming System is a fully integrated automatic headlight adjustment system. It offers excellent resolution and accuracy and the best cycle time, as well as being very competitively priced.
    High resolution Gig-E visions system. Fully digital.
    Optional closed loop headlight adjustment with integrated DC electric screwdriver tool. Removes
  any operator error from system.
    High speed Schneider hybrid servo motor drives with integral controller and encoder – inherent safety,
  high accuracy, high speed
    Unique shear pin protection minimises vehicle and equipment damage from accidental drive through
    Pattern or hot spot analysis of HLA pattern
    Advanced software algorithm for aiming of poor quality headlamps
    Fully integrated with Wheel Alignment systems
    Siemens electrical components – including servo motors and cables. Fully imported from Germany.
    Quality components SKF, SMC, Siemens, Advantech
    Full Chinese Language support
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