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First computerized 4 wheel test rolls system 1985.
ABS testing system 1988.
  ITG established in 1992  
  First fully integrated EOL test environment for GM 1995  
  GATS system for GM 1998  
  Vehicle driveline balance system for Ford Australia 2002  
Fist Chinese installation of ABS at JMC Transit 2002
First test line to handle full vehicle range 15T truck to SUV for JMC Isuzu 2011
Roller recoating Chang-An Ford 2011
Cooperation with Shenyang Siasun & Shanghai Wode in 2012 to provide Chinese manufacturing capability
VCATS systems for JMC Transit 2013
Major equipment design upgrade to worlds best practice 2014
First implementation of new testing line design for JMCGL 2014
Global partner with Siemens Germany in 2014
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